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About GC HR Growth Institute

The core of competition in an enterprise is talent competition. HR is the core rule to implement strategic target in an enterprise. HR is not only a strategic controller and implementor, but also a human resource expert and legal expert. From the employee relations to labor relations, salary & compensation benefit to recruitment & performance, HR should not only manage the talent which is the core resource of enterprise, but also need to adjust the strategy from HR cost, working environment, financial and taxation aspects.

Base on that, GC establish a learning platform – Golden Career HR Growth Institute to fit HR needs for vast of enterprises by using the public social service platform, and integrating rich training resources. Growth Institute invites labor relations experts, the employment of actuary experts, senior HR consultants and lecturers who are from first-tier cities to share and interpret the most updated and accurate law & regulations , based on labor relations and salary & compensation benefit skills, in order to assist enterprise for risk control, cost optimization, and enhance the HR value.

GC HR Growth Institue is a learning platform which take the labor relations and salary & compensation benefit skills as the main line, gather Qingdao HR resource platform, it is a resource sharing platform which gathering talent information, industry information, policies and regulations, HR tools. HR growth institute expects every HR of enterprise learns new knowledge, new method, and fully uses the network to integrate resources through this platform, which in order to enhance HRD’s work efficiency and contribution to provide better service to enterprise.

GC HR Growth Institute

Position of HR Growth Institute

A learning platform – labor relation and salary & compensation benefit skill is the main line;
An extended network platform – a professional HR network circle in Qingdao;
A resource sharing platform – talent information, policy and regulation, financial and taxation reform, HR technical tools sharing;
Entitle 12 sessions of professional HR open lesson;
Provide timely and accurate updated policy information, elaborate it and reply it;
Support the labour relation risk control……

 How to join and be a member
Every HR entitle to select one course from 2013 annual courses for FREE
【Be a member】
Company Membership: RMB1000 per 3 people per year
Individual Membership: RMB 360 per person per year
Members entitle 12 sessions of theme class, interactive consulting, outdoor activities (AA) qualification
You can visit the www.goldencareer.com.cn HR Growth Institute to download the registration form, or fax 0532-85900011 for registration
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GC HR Growth Institute