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Translation Outsourcing  
We dispatch qualified translation service and local service staff or team for the customer company to complete their designated translation and local projects. Golden Career Translation outsourcing is a flexible, reasonable and effective service mechanism and can be taken in the condition of cross-areas and cross-industries, which will improve efficiency and cut cost for enterprises.
Our translation outsourcing includes 26 languages as follows: English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and so on.
Our Advantages  
Our team is organized by experienced management staffs and translators. The fields cover machinery, electronics, telecommunications, communications, finance, IT, legal and other industries,  and the content includes product manuals, tenders, correspondence, articles of association, websites, papers, certificates, scientific and technical documentation, financial statements, brochures and so on.
We have experienced full-time and part-time translators of all kinds of foreign languages who are professional foreign talents, and that can provide all-round and efficient translation services.
We can ensure our quality and services with our professional team, scientific management and perfect process system; Based on our people-oriented service concept, we can provide a variety of service models and work flexibly according to different situations.
We have many years’ translation experience working for large-scale enterprises.
Modes of translation services:  
Talent dispatching and hourly work system