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Social responsibility and charitable work



With a strong sense of social responsibility, Golden Career has long been committed to charitable and voluntary work to give back to the society. For many years, Golden Career has actively participated in many social events to carry out our social responsibilities, including the Qingdao International Sailing Competition, caring for disadvantaged social groups, and donations to the Yushu earthquake victims. Golden Career will make greater efforts in the future to contribute to social development.




    “Love Between You and Me, Golden Career is All Around”
On September 4, 2014, another year of the Mid-Autumn Festival just as the new school semester began. Golden Career started another of charity program to support impoverished school-aged children. This is the second round in the same year after February 14.
A group of GC colleagues spontaneously set up a Good-deed team and visited the previously funded children at Huangshan Central Elementary School in Wangtai, Jiaonan. They also had a conversation with the teacher and learned that these children have made great progress in their studies and became more cheerful, some of them have even been awarded as honorable students. At this time, Golden Career not only brought subsidies to these students, but also moon cakes, books and their favorite snacks.
Making education-aid event as a career to perform is what Golden Career has always wanted, for GC, it is an important mission. With all the good wishes and visions, Golden Career will do its best to help these lovely children out of poverty and to grant their wishes for education. Golden Career will also dedicate itself into greater charitable activities and make contributions to the society.

    February 14th was the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival and one week before the elementary school term begins. Golden Career set up “2014 Spring Education-Aid Program” after the students were funded in February and August.
On the day of the Lantern Festival, GC colleagues arrived in Huangshan town early in the morning to meet up with the funded children. The latest study result updates and awards of these students made us very pleased. Nothing matters more than children's growth and progress.
Helping the disadvantaged and the disabled is the duty of the whole society. Let us carry forward this traditional Chinese virtue in the future, provide more care and assistance to the families with difficulties so that we can share the same blue sky together.

    On August 28th, 2013, after providing financial aids to the students in February, Golden Career organized another series of charitable events: "New Semester, New Dreams, and Golden Future". The children were taken to visit the underwater world so that they can learn more extracurricular knowledge and to fulfill their dreams.
Afterwards, the children visited Golden Career’s headquarters in Qingdao, the General Manager Zhang Daijie gave her warm regards to the children, prepared education-aids and donated reading materials. At this time of the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes were also prepared for the children in wishing them have a happy holiday.

    A magnitude 7.0 earthquakes occurred in the Ya’an of Sichuan province, which caused a huge casualty and property losses. After heard that news, Golden Career led all employees to help those people in the disaster area. All employees in headquarter and subsidiaries have reacted in the first place to contribute money and materials. On May 8, Golden Career sent all donations to the disaster area through China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. It brought hope to people in the disaster area to reconstruct their homeland.

On 21st Feb, 2013, Golden Career organized the annual charity education activity, and send funds and materials to students in Huangshan Mountain town of Jiaonan.
General Manager of Golden Career Ms. Zhang Daijie led employees delegation went to Huangshan Mountain town early in the morning, visited poor students home to home and present consolation money and gifts. The delegation of Golden Career wishes all those lovely students are able to finish their study dream, and wishes that action brought more confidence and strength to them. Golden Career wished them has a golden career in the future.


On 18 May 2011, the launching ceremony of volunteers for the 12th Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Championships. Golden Career was awarded the Volunteer Service and Charity Partner for this event by Qingdao Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, Qingdao Volunteers Association, and Volunteers Association of the 2011 Double Star•Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Championships.


    It is a traditional Chinese virtue as well as an individual responsibility to respect the elderly and care for the young, and to help the weak and the handicapped. On 16 February 2011, The charitable event of Golden Career Sending its Care to the Qingdao Children Welfare Home took place to send our greetings and love and support to the orphans at the Home.


    At 7:49 on 14 April 2010, an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.1 happened in Yushu, Qinghai Province. Golden Career issued written appeals to all its employees who gave quick responses and donations. All our employees joined in to send greetings and donations to the earthquake victims to express our care and strong sense of social responsibility.


    On 24 February 2010, staff of Golden Career visited the elder people living in the social welfare home right after the traditional Chinese New Year. Our employees sang and danced for the elderly and gave them warm company for a happy morning. Senior managers of the welfare home highly appraised Golden Career for its contribution, and issued a donation certificate to Golden Career.


Golden Career invested 1.2 million RMB and organized TOEIC English test for 2000 volunteers for Olympic Sailing Regatta on April 8 2011, contributing to 2008 Olympic Games
From February to May 2009, Golden Career Training School organized several business English salon free of charge for enterprises located in Qingdao Shinan Software Park, so as to help those enterprises to improve the employees’ core competitiveness and to mitigate the influence of global financial crisis.