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Talent dispatch  
As a new and effective model of HR operations, personnel dispatch can effectively help enterprises to reduce risk and optimize the HR structure. For this service, the enterprise can sign dispatch agreement with Golden Career which will then enter into the labor contract with the employees and dispatch them to work for the enterprise across China. Golden Career will be responsible for handling the recruitment procedure, signing labor contract, paying social insurance, making compensation and handling all other relative issues, so as to reduce the burden of the enterprise in terms of manpower and cost and enable the enterprise to have more efficient HR management.

  Over 100 enterprises have chosen Golden Career to help them with dispatching employees and managing related risks. As the labor laws has more strict requirements for enterprises to recruit new employees, Golden Career helps the enterprise to hire suitable employees, sign the labor contract as the legal employer and dispatch the employees to work for the enterprise. This way, Golden Career relieves the enterprise of any hidden risks in HR management and enables the enterprise to focus more resources on growing its core businesses.

Content of Talent dispatch
Contract management
To establish labor relations with the dispatched employees in line with relevant laws and regulations, including signing and terminating labor contract.
Recruitment procedure
To go through the recruitment procedures for the dispatched personnel (movement and introduction of talents, enrollment of graduates, recruitment and hiring of employees, filing the labor contract for the record, etc.)
Payroll and individual income tax reporting
To pay salary and report individual income tax for dispatched personnel.
Social insurance and public reserve fund
To handle the increase or decrease, payment, movement, withdraw, disbursement, reimbursement of social insurance and public reserve fund for dispatched personnel.
HR affairs and archive management
To handle HR archive management, including payroll adjustment, graduates’ becoming full-time employees, issuing HR statement, position change, transfer of organizational membership, archive delivery, etc.
Resignation and retirement procedure
To discontinue the contract for those dispatched personnel when their contract expires without renewal, or when they are dismissed during the valid period of the labor contract. 
Industrial injury claims and dispute handling
To assist the enterprise to deal with claims for industrial injury, and disbursement of relative medical treatment expenses and subsidy. 
HRO project consultancy
To provide HRO consultancy based on specific needs of the enterprise.
Advice on laws and regulations
To provide consultancy on HR policies, laws and regulations to both the enterprise and its employees.
Residence registration management
To manage the movement and transfer of collective residence registration for employees in the place where they are working.
Labor protection
To assist the enterprise to give training about security and labor protection.
Professional certificates application
To handle professional certificates for confirmation and review.
Advertages of Talent dispatch
To solve HR management problems caused by systems and policies
To adjust personnel cost
To calculate the cost of dispatched personnel with the consideration of position benefit and market price, and to take into account of the profit per capita and the selling cost.
Professional management reduces the cost of risk.
To utilize the sound talent agency platform supported by the labor dispatch company and to fully enjoy the following value-added services.
To streamline HR management
It is the labor dispatch company that assumes the responsibility of recruitment, resignation, dismissal, filing, payroll, insurance, organizational relationship, and other HR-related issues.
To utilize human resources in a flexible way
For newly established companies or offices which need to fully focus on increasing market share, the labor dispatch company can support you with its rich human resources.
For group companies which open new networks in different parts of the country, the labor dispatch company can help you to recruit employees in the local market in line with laws and regulations.
R&D institutes and manufacturing enterprises can more flexibly adjust the number of its dispatched employees according to the changes of business volumes.
To avoid labor disputes

The labor dispatch company can control each point of the business flow, so as to minimize HR and labor disputes.

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