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Privacy and Statement  
This website (http://www.goldencareer.com.cn ) and other websites linked with this one only provide headhunting, personnel agency, training and evaluation, HRO, labor dispatch and other related services. Job-seekers, recruitment firms and companies receiving HRO who enter into this website should accept the terms of this agreement and abide by those articles in order to use services provided here. Rules defined by this agreement are as follows;
1.  We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of personal information of our customers, job-seekers and employees, and to preventing this information from being lost, misused, changed, obtained without authorization, damaged or disclosed. You need to provide your personal information when contacting us for job-seeking or for recruitment. The website has collected this information in order to ensure that registered users have easy access to and proper use of the services provided here.
2. We promise that the personal information of the visitors will not be disclosed to the third party without the authorization and agreement from the visitors, except the following cases:
Disclosure of your personal information caused by your telling others your code or sharing the registered user account with others, or other personal reasons.
Disclosure, loss, being embezzled or being falsified of personal information caused by computer failure, hacking, computer viruses, temporary close by governmental control, or other force majeure.
Personal information is requested by law enforcing departments or to relative governmental units for public purposes.
Personal information disclosure caused by other websites linked with this one and any legal disputes or results.
3. Information publicized on this website must be legal, accurate, and complete. However, information provided by the third party or collected by the website is not ensured to be 100% accurate . The website will not assume any responsibility for the loss caused by information received from this website if the visitor misuses the information without double check beforehand.
4. About Cookies
Cookies refers to a kind of technology. When visitors come to the website set up with Cookies, the website will send Cookies automatically to the visitors’ browser, which will be stored in the visitors’ computer to take record of the visitors’ activities, personal information, browsing route, consumption habit, credit record in the website. By using Cookies, the website can provide you with more considerate and personalized services.
5.The website keeps the copy rights of all graphs, images, words, and programs on the website, which are protected by trade mark laws and IPR laws. Nobody has the right to download, copy, re-use the above-mentioned information on the website without written permission. Trade marks publicized on the website belong to the title-holder and are protected by trade mark laws.
6. If the website cannot be entered and browsed because of system maintenance, system upgrading, or internet congestion, the website will not assume any loss or inconvenience resulted from the above-mentioned reasons.
7. Anyone entering into the website or using the information here directly or indirectly is regarded to accept the statement from the website. The website has the right to terminate service free of charge with or without notice, or delete registered organizations or members that violate registration rules.
8. Part of the information here comes from the internet or communication among registered members, please write to inform us if you find that some information is suspected of infringement. We will contact you and handle the issue as soon as possible. Please contact us without hesitation if you find your unsigned works, and we will add your name or handle the issue properly.
9.This agreement and dispute caused by using the website are subject to the local court of the city where the website title-holder is located.