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With headhunting as the core business, Golden Career has long been committed to international practices and operational models. We have set up information sharing networks with world-renowned management and consultancy companies. With our extensive talent resources and and information network, we have selected and recruited more than 1000 talents for all kinds of enterprises including Fortune 500 companies and successful domestic companies.
Our professional teams enjoy great reputation and deep trust from customers with their strong ability for information gathering, personnel sourcing and selection, and personnel investigation.
Professional HR outsourcing
Xingcheng has long been dedicated to providing effective and professional HR services, including personnel dispatch, personnel agency, recruitment outsourcing, project outsourcing, graduate training, and temporary employee recruitment.
With our extensive information network and rich talent resources across China, we focus on meeting our clients’ needs in their rapid business expansion. For example, we have undertaken HR outsourcing for Haier, China Southern Airlines, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and have dispatched thousands of employees for our clients, recruiting talents from around China, providing effective and comprehensive services, such as personnel dispatch, recruitment, personnel agency as well as customized HR outsourcing solutions based on customers' needs.
Training and evaluation
Training and evaluation is the core business for Golden Career Training School, which is dedicated to providing training of business languages, professional skills, evaluations by international standards, and the multi-languages translation service for the world's Top 500 companies and the fast developing domestic companies.
Based on customers' business target and development strategy, Golden Career draws up individualized English training plans to meet the clients' needs for skilled staff with language capabilities and professional skills. Golden Career has become the first choice and training partner for enterprises in executing their HR strategies.
Golden blue-collar outsourcing
Golden Career's innovative outsourcing service well combines recruitment and training of golden blue-collar workers and the dispatch of professional technicians. Our comprehensive solutions for project outsourcing for enterprises have won good reputation among customers as a result of our professional operational models and excellent services.